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March 08, 2011

Been There…Getting Ready to Do That

The Party People

Last week my sister had a Blog Party!  It was only my second one, ever.  I managed to visitmeatzoo2 every blogger that linked up with her party {as of earlier today}…that’s right, I visited over 200 blogs in the last week! I decided to do that for me – for fun.  I’m a people-watcher.  I just think God was marvelously creative in creating US!  I love learning about people’s different talents and personalities.  Here’s a brief summary of the chums who linked up with Lynnette:
  • They were YOUNG!  It was amazing how many teen & pre-teen bloggers are out there ready to share with the world, thinking deep thoughts, learning & expressing themselves.
  • My sister’s chums are the Dr. Pepper & Coffee drinkingest, chocolate-cheese-and-carb eatingest, wanna-be-skydivingest, snake-scarediest ladies around!!  Ha ha…it was fun reading answers to the party questions.  These were some of the similarities I noticed.
  • The girls who read Lynnette’s blog {and those who read their blogs} are largely aspiring authoresses and photographers…makes sense {and I don’t exactly fit that mold}.
  • People {and specifically WOMEN, young and young-at-heart} are just AWESOME…The End.

Getting Organized – Again!

Feeling like a broken record {do people still say that in this digital music age?} with this one.  I dealt with so many food allergy episodes and a mystery  injury/weirdness in my shoulder this  winter that maaaaannnnyyy things are cluttered and awry.  So, I am starting to organize:

  • This blog.  I will never be a “niche” blogger…too many varied passions & interests.  I’ve even avoided tagging my posts lately because I need to decide just how I’m going to set it up…SOOO, I believe some tabbed pages are a-coming.  It will be easier to find specific topics!
  • My closet.  Doing my best to participate in Project:Simplify at {see button in my sidebar}.  Words cannot express the need for this right now…
  • My health.  I’ve proceeded with taking my vitamins {pronounce vitt-a-mins or mighty-vighties around here} again, have an appointment with ortho surgeon to look at this shoulder on Thursday so we can figure out how I can start exercising again & get in shape!  I’m one of those weird people that likes to exercise {if I can get enough sleep & just get to it}
  • My life.  I think a naturally organized person living in chaos gets even more stressed out.  My mind is quieter when my life is uncluttered…even if it gets busy.  I think spring is a good time to get this accomplished.

What are you organizing?

Have a Beautiful Day {especially if it's Crazy}!