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February 25, 2011

Some Randomness & The Giveaway Winner Picked!

Sleep is a wonderful {and very necessary thing}…and I didn’t experience nearly enough of it the past week, so my brain has kind of been a little “everywhere”.  Hence, some “randomness” is very appropriate. :)

  • THE GOOD NEWS – Since we are a ministry family, our weekend is Friday-Saturday…and we had a mass sleep-in this morning.  Even the dog enjoyed it. What a blessing that was!
  • CUPCAKES – I prefer cooking to baking, but I have had the urge to bake something both yummy and cute.  Making a meal tomorrow for a family whose dad/husband is recovering from heart surgery, so I’m going to make these for the first time.  {BTW, daughter wasn’t impressed until I told her I’d make some for us, too.}
  • BLOG PARTY -  
    My sister is hosting a blog party next week!  It’s a great way to discover and learn about bloggers you maybe haven’t “met” before…and she’s rounded up some awesome prize-ness :).  I need to start working on my post.  Join us!!
  • CURRENT DIY PROJECT – I’ve found another use {okay, so maybe several} for that leftover antiquing gel from our door/art.  For a little sneak peek, it also involves this…I bought this today...{DIY tease} :) #fb on Twitpic {rawwrrrr!}
  •  HOW ABOUT SOME GRACE? – The Grace Card opens TODAY!  I’ve shared about it several times {you can click on the banner in my sidebar if you haven’t checked it out yet}.  You need to see this movie, but bring tissues – when I saw the screening I heard {seriously} more sniffles per capita than any other movie I have seen! PLUS, if you see it this weekend, you will also see a trailer for Courageous, which is coming in September
    The Winner is Comment # 12!
     Proverbs30one said...

    Neat! I'd love one of those big shoulder bags with buckles.

    20/2/11 1:47 AM

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