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September 08, 2010

When We All Get Together

My sisters often say our family reminds them of My Big Fat Greek Wedding…we’re loud, we’re a little crazy, and we love each other a lot!  We recently got together to celebrate our family’s August birthdays.  My nephew Jonas turned 7, Mom is 60 and Will is now 15! As I was watching the following video footage I was re-writing a hymn in my head with lyrics to fit the situation {because that’s kind of how I roll}…
…and here’s how my song went {to the tune of When We All Get to Heaven}…
When we all get together
What a house full of noisy that will be
When we sing Happy Birthday
We’ll sing and shout a lil’ off key!
Needless to say we had a wild and crazy time, which ended with a couple of rounds of the game 4 on the Couch.  I hadn’t played in years…and BTW the Women won :)
My fabulous sister, Lynnette, made YUMMY homemade pizza {with the help of my equally fabulous niece Abigail}.  She only has one oven ya know, so she could hardly keep ‘em coming fast enough for our hungry bunch.
  What you see next to Assistant Chef Abigail would be a “bucket o’ cheese”.

Some of us like to “dress up” for a party.  These are my nieces Adelynn & Julia.
Even yours truly can be a big ol’ goofball {and brave enough to show you}
So, if you don’t have a big, noisy, crazy family…you should go find one and hang out with them sometime…’cuz it’s pretty wonderful.
Have a beautiful day!