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April 13, 2010

A Word Can Paint 1000 Pictures...

[UPDATE Wed. April 14: I'm going to hold off on the What If? Wednesday post I had planned for today because (1) My sister featured LICB on her blog today and her BEAUTIFUL chums have been leaving comments (2) Check out today's Bible Verse - could it be more perfect? ---->]

Are you like you love the written word?  I love to read!  For me, the words I read paint vivid pictures in my imagination.  I love having inspirational words, or the truth of scripture sprinkled throughout my home and life as encouragement, comfort, or to spark an idea.

The Nester is hosting a DaySpring Book Crop giveaway.  Hop on over and enter to win your's one I designed with one of my favorite quotes on the DaySpring site:
[Woo hoo - I won the $50 gift cerificate!]

Here are a few of the words I have currently hanging out around my home to inspire me:

And here is my favorite place to go every day where God paints beautiful pictures for me of real events that happened long ago, pictures of His incredible love for me and presence in my life today, and wonderful pictures of hope for an eternal future with Him!:

Bonus: Read my friend Carissa's blog and discovered she is hosting a word-y giveaway.

Have a beautiful day!