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March 31, 2010

Back from a week off - What If? Wednesday

Wasn't planning on taking an entire week off from posting...but (A) Mr. Migraine went away for a day, then came back again...and (B-Z) I started waaaaayyyyy too many projects a couple of weeks ago and I'm just now getting them finished!

WHAT IF I decided to paint all of the "hard" furniture in my house black or white? I ask this question ALOT! (we have done a couple of pieces - and, no, these are not mine)

WHAT IF my puppy-dog LOVED our new curtains in the living room that can open so he can see what's going on out front? He does! (look at that cute little fluffy-butt)

WHAT IF I had a Rachael Ray Easy ButtonAny time I didn't feel like cooking I could press it and she would show up (with groceries of course) and whip us up something in 30 minutes - Yum-O!  She would have to learn to cook without onions (I'm allergic), though, which would be a HUGE adjustment for her.

WHAT IF I could have all of the fabric-lined baskets I wanted, without going broke? favorite combo!

WHAT IF my sweet little mama got a new car?  She did!  Look how cute she is (she deserves it)...

WHAT IF someone loves me so much that he DIED just for me - to pay for all of the selfish, prideful, thoughtless, reckless, hurtful things I have ever done (or, unfortunately, will do)?  The GREAT NEWS is - Christ DID and then He rose 3 days later...and that means I get to live with Him forever!!  I hope and pray you appreciate the true meaning of this Holiest of weeks...and that you CELEBRATE it all year long!

Have a beautiful day (and if you don't come back before then, a Beautiful, Blessed Easter)!