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April 21, 2010

Post-Migraine-I-Can't-Remember-What-I-Was-Going-to-Post What If? Wednesday!!

Sad, but pretty true!  I had all kinds of things I was going to post about today...and I have (at least temporarily) forgotten most of them.  Oh well, I'm sure some of you wouldn't mind a shorter post any way, haha.

WHAT IF my Beautiful and COMPLETELY CRAZY sister decided to feature my little bloggy on her blog and encourage all her chums to stop by? Well, she DID and quite a few of them/you did and I have some great new followers! I have already visited many of your blogs (if you have them) and follow some, but am going to spend some time in the next week making sure I get everybody visited - we little bloggers can do that :)

WHAT IF Crystal Bowersox were not just FOAIA? (Full Of American Idol Awesomeness)??? Here is her performance from last night.  Even though she seems tired to me and wasn't perfect's still many kinds of great.  Lee is my other favorite - and there's just something deep down inside me that roots for Casey, but doesn't think he should win - weird.

WHAT IF I can get through this post without Internet Explorer encountering another error and needing to shut down? Sheesh!

WHAT IF coffee and chocolate were discovered to be the new miracle cure for all things allergy or migraine???

WHAT IF there were a new-ish nail polish that would be like all the coats in a professional manicure in one bottle??

Meet Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure! I either have to paint my nails or wear them completely cut off because I wash my hands alot throughout a day of just taking care of a household.

These are my actual nails in my Easter Week color of "I Pink I Can".  I used to do the whole Base Coat, 2 coats of Color, Top Coat thing every Saturday night and it would take me 30-45 minutes with another 90 minutes or so to make sure it dried completely.  This truly does all that in 2-3 coats from one bottle!  I've cut my weekly manicure time in half.

I have several colors now, including the "Right Said Red" you see in the bottle, which is currently on my toes. It contains a nail strengthener, too, and my nails have really grown!!  (In fact, I now have to file them so they don't get too long) My manicure lasts all week, too.

Girls just have to share the good Girl Stuff *wink*

Wow, how deep and meaningful this has been!  (Shaking my head at myself) I think I might be able to post this before I have another computer glitch, so...
Have a beautiful day!