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April 28, 2010

The post I started 48 hours ago!

Psalms on Saturdays remind me of...

easy, breezy pre-teen weekends. colorado.  bedroom on the upper floor. windows open, curtains fluttering...Extravagant Grace

I used to love to just hang out in my room, which I remember as clean (and during this particular period it probably was), listening to music - quite possibly with my headphones -
maybe reading Tiger Beat or National Geographic's World magazine.  I'm not sure which records I was listening to, maybe a fuzzy-mulleted group from Scotland called the Bay City Rollers (S-A  T-U-R   D-A-Y  night!).

I was in no hurry.  I didn't have a cell phone or day planner.  I didn't have any pressing responsibilities, or real worries.  I could relax, look at the sunshine, feel the breeze, and enjoy just being...and isn't it funny how music helps us do that?
Three weeks into 2010 I decided to read through the Bible in a year again, only this time I chose to do it topically. Each day of the week you read from a different type of book.  I started on a Thursday, so this meant that I would start reading from the Psalms on Saturdays.

Extravagant Grace
I remember thinking, 'Oh, that will be good.  The Psalms are easy to read - it won't take long to read 2 or 3 chapters on a Saturday morning, and that's the day that doesn't have a consistent routine (as if any day of my crazy life does) otherwise it might be easy to fall behind that day.'

What could be more appropriate for my Saturdays than the "music" of the Bible? The "Psalter" is for the most part a book of prayer and praise, and it's core is the conviction that Yahweh (the LORD) is the center of life, truth, hope, history & all of creation! It is a place that many, like me, turn time and time again to know that God has it all under control, to gain comfort & encouragement.

no hurry. no worries. relax. feel the breeze. enjoy just being

Maybe even after I've finished my current reading plan I'll always read the Psalms on Saturday.

Have a beautiful day!