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September 08, 2011

Moving In…Barely Moving…Moving Over

Im-sorryPlease forgive me for being very neglectful of my little bloggy…you will see later in this post it has been {partly, at least} for VERY good reasons!

Moving In

One of the VERY good reasons lately has been of the dwarf, four-legged variety. While we were on a mini-vacation to Branson we found out that a daughter-of-a-friend-of-a-family-member {whew!} was looking for a good home for her Pembroke Welsh Corgi. So, being Corgi Fanatics, we started looking into the possibility of giving our Riley a new buddy….and 2 weeks ago he moved in. Meet Duncan!

Duncan2 He {excuse me for the interruption, he just approached for hugs & kisses} is just the sweetest, lovey-doviest little 3 yr. old dude!! For various reasons he just wasn’t able to get the attention he deserved in his former home {hence, his loving previous owners sought new loving owners}, so he really is milking {oops, more pets & kisses} this “attention thang” to the hilt! We think he’s been reassured & comfortable enough it’s time to dial it down a notch. We don’t mind spoiling our dogs a bit, but we don’t want REALLY SPOILED dogs, ha ha!

Introducing an “intact” {i.e. non-neutered} adult male dog into a home with another intact adult male was not without it’s challenges, but since they are both HUGE sweethearts, we knew discipline an patience would pay off.

Here are the 2 brudders together on Duncan’s 2nd day… just before we let them off-leash in the house


There was definitely a whole lot of playing and panting, and dominance assertion and panting, and playing and panting…you get the picture!

Here’s someting else they both do a lot of, too, after so much fun play.

DuncanSleeping RileySleeping

Barely Moving

We’ve hardly had the worst of it {praying for you Texas!}, but we HAVE had our hottest summer on record – 52 {or 53? I lost count} days of 100+ temps, and many of those 105+. All I have to say is I consider it HAWT once it gets over 85…and we are soooo behind on rain. Everything’s been dry and crunchy, and did I mention hot? A lot of the ways I had planned to relax and enjoy summer went right out the window with the scorching heat. But God is good, ALL the time! He is in control and I am SO thankful for cooler temps - upper 70s to mid 80s! Next week we will still be above average for this time of year, but at this point I’ll take mid-80s to low-90s.

Moving Over

One of the main reasons I have not been blogging is that I have been using my computer time for other things…I shut down 2 old blogs and started a new one for our church women. AND…. I am moving to WordPress!! Blogger is great, and I could have done more with it…but I was having trouble realizing my vision for blogging. So, this is exciting because it will be more organized and better-functioning for how I want to minister and encourage with my blog. Rather than completely migrating, I will be saving this domain for personal/family uses and the new blog is on a new domain. Not being a web guru, it has taken some time to design and set it up…I have already imported my Blogger posts, but just need to finish some formatting & re-categorizing and tagging issues. It’s almost ready to go!! I hope to switch over on Monday and will DEFINITELY let you know when it’s time. This will make me a much better {and happier} and consistent blogger. Yay!

So, anyway, I have truly missed you…and can’t wait to invite you over to the new place!

Thanks for visiting...have a Beautiful day {especially if it gets a little Crazy}!