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July 06, 2011

Sleeping Like a Bear


Image Source: Native American Indians
Child friendly site about Native Americans and members of the First Nations.

Well, not really sleeping…more like resting and regrouping. {When my daughter was younger and felt like she got a really good, restful night’s sleep she would say “I slept like a bear!”}  A couple of weeks ago I came down with a virus that most people first experience in their childhood.  Needless to say I was taken by surprise by the yucky and long-lasting symptoms. I’m all better now, but with the Holiday weekend, etc. I’ve fallen a bit behind with the household & such.

So, I’m going to continue my little break and get my ducks in a row…

ducks…and return on July 18…. with my “day-cation” pics {finally!}, a couple of  yummy recipes, maybe even a project or possibly even a  how-to!

Hope you are getting some resting and duck-arranging done in your neck o’ the woods!

Thanks for visiting...have a Beautiful day {especially if it gets a little Crazy}!