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April 21, 2011

Now I “Umber”stand – Mixing Custom Paint Colors

Actually, I already knew this from waaaayyy back when I considered myself more of a “crafter”…but Burnt Umber is my new best friend!  I LOVE color…and I always feel happy when I see bright bold colors, but when it comes to the ones I surround myself with on a daily basis I want them a little more muted.   So, while working on recent projects and not finding the perfect colors the light bulb re-lit and I remembered I could mix my own. Eureka!!

Here’s an example from my current project:

Easter_Craft_2011 009

I wanted a light-to-medium teal/turquoisey  color.  I had a small bottle of turquoise, but it is too dark and too bright.  If I just mixed white with it, it would be lighter but still too bright.  Enter a little Burnt Umber…and voila! Just what I was looking for.  Here’s a close up to give you a better idea of the colors.

Easter_Craft_2011 002 This mixture was 1 part Burnt Umber, 3 parts Turquoise, 6 parts White

And here’s a picture of my project-in-progress…can you tell what it’s going to say?

Easter_Craft_2011 015

Enjoy a Blessed Cross-to-Empty-Tomb Weekend Everyone!!

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