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March 30, 2011

Now This is Crazy Beautiful!!

unglydogWhat?  You don’t agree? {sorry, small lo-res picture & I don’t remember where I got it}

I have something called my “Personal Calling Statement”.  It’s seven years old now…but is still holding quite true for me {it came out of a church refocusing program}.  One of the things you do in the personal aspect of the program is to pray about, discover and define your core values .  Here is one of my top Core Values {straight out of my calling statement}:


Creativity & Individuality

Appreciating God’s creativity in every aspect of His unique creation is an adventure! He made each of us with strengths and weaknesses which bring glory and honor to Himself.

In a world where people are trying so desperately to be just like someone else {or many someones}…or, in trying too hard to be “unique”, do & say things that are just like many others…or driving themselves to fit a model or standard which is unattainable {and, frankly, determined by someone’s subjective opinion}…I get my socks rocked off by someone who just knows who they are both as a person, and as God’s beloved & created child!!

So, yes, that canine is some kinda crazy…but also uniquely beautiful!!  Hey, when my grays overtake the “other shades” I would love to have them be that beautiful color, wouldn’t you?

He has made everything beautiful in its time. ~Ecclesiastes 3:11

Have a Beautiful Day {especially if it gets a little Crazy}!