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February 14, 2011

A Beautiful Movie – It Opens February 25!

As promised {but delayed}…I told you I would give my honest review of The Grace Card after I saw it.  I was not even aware the movie was coming out until a few months ago, because a member of our church “liked” the page on Facebook {you can see an exclusive scene there}.  Turns out her sister has a small part in the movie {the lady in curlers – she’s awesome!}.  Well, ever since I saw a private screening I’ve been “tweeting” and “sharing” it like crazy. :)

Grace Card Movie StillI could go on and on about the details and tell you about the plot of the movie…but you can view the trailer and exclusive Facebook scene yourself, and I’d rather just give you my overall impressions.

I think any movie that makes you leave wanting to be a better person is SO WORTH SEEING!! This one definitely fits the bill.  It makes you want to be more loving, more forgiving, a better friend, spouse, parent, & child.  It’s about letting go of hate and prejudices.  One of the best things about The Grace Card is that it’s just as much about learning how to receive grace as it is how to give it.  It’s a reminder how powerful forgiveness is {and that we need to offer it and seek it}.

It’s also REAL.  Life is sometimes hard, crazy, confusing. People are flawed…and different. We make bad choices and bad choices have consequences.  Because of this, the film does have some thematic material which would not be appropriate for young children, so it does have a PG-13 rating, but you don’t have to worry about the “usual” Hollywood inappropriateness.

I’m glad I saw this movie and think you should, too!  It is important that movies with the right values do well on opening weekend…so that they will run longer in the theaters.  So, grab a date or a friend, your teenager or your parents and see The Grace Card the weekend of February 25 {you’ll probably want to have tissues handy}.

Have a Beautiful Day {especially if it's Crazy}!