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January 24, 2011

Isn’t She A-door-able?

Her name is Viviana, which apparently means “Lovely” in Italian.  But, don’t tell my husband I actually gave this project a name…because he’ll just shake his head in disbelief {he just doesn’t speak silly-mushy-girly}.

01-18-2011 141

Here’ is how she came to live on my wall {and how you might be able to have her cousin come live at your house}:

  • Have a big empty wall {used to have a quilt hanging there before}.  If it can be precariously perched over the stairs to the basement so much the better {making hanging anything interesting and not something you want to do often}.
  • Search Craig’s List for old shutters {because you’re thinking architectural – texture – aged}…find absolutely nothing.
  • While searching for bi-fold doors {as alternative to shutters}, find solid wood exterior door. {Actual Craig’s List pics} Hmmm, interesting texture in those panels. $60 – price is right.doorpic2 doorpic



  • Convince husband to go get uber-heavy solid wood door.
  • Wait until December to embark on project so that it snows & gets really cold and uber-heavy door has to be moved to basement for finishing.
  • Decide exterior side is the one you want to show because of interesting handle. Then scold hubby for not taking pictures before he primed that exterior side {it was forest green}.  Spray paint handle oil-rubbed bronze.01-18-2011 103
  • Prime chosen side of door and paint with white satin latex.  
  • 01-18-2011 10701-18-2011 101
  • Antique.  There are different ways to do this.  The way we did it was one part Java paint, 3 parts clear mixing glaze.  We mixed 12 oz. glaze with 4 oz. paint and have enough left for the next 1-24 antiquing projects.  Technique: Brush on {being careful to get it in all the nooks and crannies} and wipe off…quickly {have plenty of rags handy}!    01-18-2011 109 01-18-2011 111



  • Finish with satin polyurethane. Let dry. Attach newly painted handle.
  • Make a paper template to decide positioning in a non-hernia-inducing way. {Before removing stencil, use stud-finder to mark and then drill holes in studs}01-18-2011 099
  • Hang.  First build crazy basement stair-hole cover {if you pick a prime location like ours}.  Buy typical L-brackets, then cut one side of each to half-length to match width of door and paint them with oil-rubbed bronze spray paint. Bolt the long side of the L-brackets to previously marked and drilled studs…as many as makes you feel secure {in our case, 5 across the bottom & 3 across the top}. Have 2 female household members hold door steady while male drives screws.01-18-2011 119  01-18-2011 118


  • Hang metal “scrolly” thing you purchased at Hobby ‘Lovey’ for 50% off above your new artwork, step back, admire & take pictures.01-18-2011 078  01-18-2011 082






Name your new friend and write a really long blog post with lots of pictures :)

Have a Beautiful Day {especially if it's Crazy}!