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March 08, 2010

It's Mid-March - How are you doing on your Revolutions?

No, that is not a typo, I meant revolutions.  The beginning of a new year, whether it's a calendar year, school year or fiscal year, represents a clean slate.  Therefore, its natural for us to want to set new goals, to dream about what the future might hold for us.  I don't think New Year's resolutions are necessarily a bad thing, but the problem is that resolutions are all about intent.  We all know which road is paved with "good intentions", right?  Sometimes you just have to be about doing the thing...., I'm staging a few revolutions in my life and it begins today!  I've had kind of a rough fall and winter (frankly, I've been in a bit of a funk for about the last year).  Too many little illnesses & health problems, putting on too much weight, financial struggles - lots of small things can distract us, cloud our focus, dilute our effectiveness.  Well, this girl has had enough! It's time to detox, declutter, define & design.  Here are a few of the revolutions I'm starting today:
  1. Health Revolution - That's right, I said "detox".  Too much junk, too many Girl Scout Cookies, too many germs and my annoying food allergy have gotten the better of me.  Today I'm starting a few days of a detox diet which I hope will leave me feeling less swollen, more energized and ready to get back to regular exercise and a healthier weight & immune system. I l♥ve to cook and need to get back to enjoying it, which will also benefit my family.
  2. Closet Revolution - I actually clean out my closet at least a couple of times a year...but I've been putting it off lately because this time it's gonna be BRUTAL!  One of the things I really need to do is to purge the polyester. For some reason my body is very prone to static cling, even when I keep a good humidity in my room/closet.  Synthetic fabrics that "energize" easily completely drive me bonkers.  I know they are less expensive and launder easier, etc. but I'm just going to have to sacrifice quantity for quality.
  3. Creative Revolution - I love to be creative in decorating my home and creating a warm & cozy environment for my family.  Whether its repurposing objects, creating vignettes & tablescapes, or celebrating the seasons indoors through decorating (I haven't done a thing since Christmas) - these activities are a creative outlet for me that I have severely neglected in the last year.  For me it is both fulfilling and relaxing.  I'll post some pictures when I do something brilliant, ha ha.
There are a few more, but you don't need all the details.  I'd love to hear about other Revolutions going on out there, too, so feel free to comment & share!

P.S. My sister Lynnette is starting a Simplifying project with her blog chums of my revolutions will fit right in. Go on over & read her post & join in if you have some simplifying to do!

Have a beautiful day!