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March 19, 2010



A new Spangles (it's a Kansas thing) restaurant opened here, so hubby went and picked up a 4-pack of Yoder cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

Four Dollars

That's how much I paid for the cute bird plate, and also what I paid for the pineapple (love) finial.  The finial was originally $40 and gold, but I love me the Hobby Lobby clearance aisle & white matte spray paint!

Faux (not usually a Fave)

I don't love silk flowers & "faux"liage, but I thought these faux dogwood branches might look a little better with some real sticks thrown in.


I've had this little guy for years (in fact, until last night he had been sitting on my kitchen windowsill for several years - looking out, of course) but he used to be beige resin. He got a Spring makeover with the same matte white spray paint!

"Feathered" Friends

I found these 2 little darlin's at different stores.  One is iron and the other is ceramic...and I think they were destined to hang out together, don't you?


(I like "speckled" better, but it doesn't start with F) Aren't these just so cute and Spring-y? Hubby spotted them at Pier 1 and I just had to get them.


Darling Daughter and I just finished a game of dominoes.  She is texting her cousin Abigail, who said we are the Game-Playingist people she which we replied she and her family are the Movie-Watchingist. (And if you look at the background of this pic it leads me to the last F)


I think that would be the most Fitting end to these curtains (which were oh-so-cute and clever when I bought them for our new house in 1997) How very country - and notice how "designerly" I was alternating the big hydrangea floral and the buffalo-check panels??  They are not long for this world...

It has been a fun and productive Spring Break week!  Brad is outside building new wood shelves for my baker's rack (the wire ones have been giving me fits for a long time), which he will paint black to coordinate with our kitchen table.  And, I can't wait to see how all my Spring organizing/decorating projects come out.

Have a beautiful weekend! (We have SNOW in our forecast!)