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February 24, 2010

Note to Self & Welcome to What If? Wednesday!

Note to Self:  Please write your posts the day or evening beforehand to post the next morning. You know how your days can get, especially if you haven't had enough sleep the night before.  Thank you.
Sincerely, Self

Now on to my fun little Wednesday theme...maybe someday it will be a meme (or MEme, whatever), who knows?  I just needed a little prompt to get me started on my new-and-improved blogging life.  So, in Lisa Land, Wednesdays will be for What If?s.  You may have heard it said you can't base your life on "What If"s, but if someone didn't ask those questions somewhere along the line, nothing would have ever been invented, modernized, made faster, better, stronger, etc.  Sometimes we have to ponder, wonder, dream.  And sometimes, crazy things happen in life that make you ask "What If?"

Some will be serious, some will be silly, whimsical, maybe occasionally absurd...but I'll try my best to stay away from utterly ridiculous.  I may often answer, partially answer or annotate my questions...and YOU feel free to answer them if you feel led.  Subjects will vary greatly, I'm sure, but don't be surprised to see a theme of food, fashion, food, family, food, fashion, food, makeup-and-other-girly-stuff...did I mention food?  ☺

So, here goes my first installment.  This idea just came to me a few days ago, so there's not much in my What If Journal yet, but I'll have it handy at all times for when those questions pop up. 
  • WHAT IF I hadn't dragged my tired body to Walgreen's on an errand tonight and discovered that Milky Way Simply Caramel candy bar?
  • WHAT IF a 7th Grade Math Teacher in Littleton, Colorado hadn't considered the safety of his students more important than his own? (I was a 7th Grader in Littleton many years ago) John 15:13
  • WHAT IF high heels made your feet look aaaaannnnnnddd feel good?
  • WHAT IF I hadn't caught myself the other day when I almost put Cumin in my oatmeal instead of Cinnamon???
  • WHAT IF our legislators had a clue what the American people think and value...and cared? No matter what your political leanings, you have to have asked yourself THAT one!
  • WHAT IF all of the natural and healthy food was easy to find and cheap, and all the junk food was hard to find and expensive? (I know, some of you would still buy the junk food, wouldn't you?)
  • WHAT IF I hadn't seized the opportunity to be a part of bagging & loading over 20,000 healthy meals for children in Haiti this evening? (It was great, more on that at the end)
  • WHAT IF I cut a bunch of my hair off?
  • WHAT IF major appliances were made to last more that 5-10 years?
  • WHAT IF there were a simple way to get in to heaven without being perfect (cuz you're not), or reciting the entire Bible from memory (cuz ya can't), or doing a lot of boring stuff you don't want to do (cuz ya don't)...and it was just because someone loves you more than you can imagine?  There IS, I'd be happy to tell you about it any time :)
The theme will return next Wednesday, when I've had a whole week to ask more "What If" questions!

What I did tonight:  There was a food packing event at the private school in Wichita one of the girls in our youth group attends.  So we decided to "take it on the road" and took our youth to help with the project this evening.  The event was sponsored by Numana (click the name to check them out).  They work to fight hunger all over the world, but have a big focus on Haiti right now.  It was great donning our little aprons, gloves and hairnets and making our assembly lines to package the food.  Just a little over 3 hours of our time...and over 20,000 meals were packaged just while we were there. It's amazing what God's people can do when we listen and obey His call to help.

Have a beautiful night!