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May 22, 2009

The Usual, Crazy Spring at the Youth Pastor's House!

Part of the life of a Youth Pastor's family is an incredibly busy late Spring! We've survived all the end of the school year festivities, including the BIGGIE - High School Graduation. Plans are under way for Vacation Bible School (Brad is Associate Pastor for Youth & Christian Education, so he oversees that, too). School here got out for the Summer a couple of hours ago, AND we leave for our Youth Mission Trip tomorrow morning!

I wouldn't trade any of it...but it means we've been quite distracted around here and I haven't written any new blog posts! It also means I won't touch my computer for a week *sigh*...BUT, I am all set up to be able to post by email/MMS from my phone if I can find the time. I'll definitely be posting pictures & updates on the Family Blog, but a post or two might make it here, as well. If you've happened on over and are reading this, please be in prayer for me, my family, our youth group and the Rita & Ike victims of the Beaumont, Texas area where we will be serving to help with rebuilding. Thanks, and have a Blessed & Safe Memorial Weekend!